The Cal-ESAR Advanced Navigation course is located at Cutter Scout Reserve in the redwoods near Big Basin State Park. First run in this format in 1986, the Course was designed for navigation training and testing for members of California Explorer Search and Rescue.  The course consists of 17 separate problems that cover a range of search and rescue related field problems, including cross country navigation, point location, distance and directional problems, most of which incorporate a SAR-based scenario.  The course zig-zags up and down and all around the scout camp, and while the total distance traveled is less than 10 miles, it normally takes up to two days to complete because of the extreme terrain and the nature of the problems.   To find out about the timing and details of the course, go to training.cal-esar.org, or contact us at advancednav@cal-esar.org

If you are already registered to take this course and need detailed information and course materials, click here (login required).  Send access requests to advancednav@cal-esar.org.